PMCL Safety Standards

Pasquale Mancuso Construction Ltd. has developed a safety manual in conjunction with Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Each supervisor has a safety manual on all sites and each man has a Field Safety Handbook. PMCL provides all necessary training to our employees. Each field employee has obtained their CSTS, First Aid/CPR and H2S Alive tickets.

PMCL has been recognized for our safety efforts by on multiple occasions by Work Safe Alberta, Petrotech Lavalin Inc., and the Government of Alberta.


Health & Safety

PMCL is committed to the protection and safety of the public, our clients and our employees.

Our top priorities at PMCL are the health of all our families, the safety of our crews and the environment that we all live in. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of our employees, and it is our goal to have each and every crew member go home at the end of the day safe and sound.

At PMCL, we take pride in our outstanding safety records and industry practices. Through the creation of a Safety Division, we have been able to create comprehensive Health, Safety and Environmental Programs which identify responsibilities, commitments and training for all of our employees. Our Code of Practices, Job Hazard Assessments, Emergency Planning and Staff Awareness Training have been key to our past success, and we will continue to implement them into our future safety policies.

The focus of our health and safety programs include:

  • Assigned responsibilities
  • On-going employee education, bulletins and training
  • Job specific safe work practices and procedures
  • Safe, competent equipment operation and maintenance procedures
  • Practices for reducing the risk of accidents and incidents in all activities for management, employees and trade contractors



PMCL is committed to the protection and safety of our environment.

The management of PMCL is committed to the development and implementation of our Waste Management and Recycling Program. The purpose of this initiative is to create an environment as waste-free as possible within our operations, and to set ourselves as a leader in the reduction, reuse and recycling of our waste.

The threat to our environment is real, and we have the opportunity to make a positive impact through leadership. This project strengthens our position within the community an environmental advocate, and is vital for providing the education and awareness needed for personal involvement in waste management.


Quality Control / Quality Assurance

PMCL is committed to providing the highest quality control solutions available for the construction industry.

PMCL works in highly specialized industry and we invest many hours in Quality Control and Assurance, continually implementing innovative and new technologies. Qualified Inspectors work alongside our Site Superintendents on projects large and small to ensure each stage meets industry standards, from start to finish.

Quality Assurance is the systematic process necessary to ensure the quality of each project. Through proper knowledge and use of effective Construction Quality Management applications, PMCL tailors each Control Package to the contract specifics, providing every client with confidence that the completed construction work meets the objectives for success. Full attention is allocated to each project to support a well-established Quality Assurance Program offering unique, comprehensive Quality Control solutions.

Through sharing a commitment and passion to quality control, we hope to make a significant and positive difference to the success of our clients. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and are dedicated to refining our Quality Assurance Program to provide critical Quality Construction Practices for each client.

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